Step 1:

Prepare your own hair for the application by making sure it as flat as possible. Detangle the Wig, and Cut the Lace.


Step 2:

Put on a wig cap and flesh toned stockings or bandage to help keep the wig on.


Step 3:

Use your fingers or even a clean makeup brush to apply the gel in a thin line going around the perimeter of your hairline. You will also need a hairdryer for this method to ensure the gel gets tacky. Press to secure wig.

Line up the center part of the wig with the center of your forehead, and clip your wig on the cap to ensure it secure.



Step 4:

Use the concealer to cover the knots to make it more realistic and natural.



Step 5:

Leave some of your natural hair at the front of the lace wig out. You can use little tube brush to create your own baby hair, and style it.



Step 6:

You can use a dry shampoo or setting power to take away the shine of the synthetic hair and make it look more natural.